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A brief history of the longest place in New Zealand, possibly the world,(85 letters).



              Located on Wimbledon Road,Porangahau,Central Hawkes Bay.


    85 letters is the longest place name in the world. It is the name given by the local Maori people Ngai Kere to a hill to celebrate the eponyuus  ancestor Tamatea Pokai Whenua,

   Tamatea was a famous chief and warrior of his time.His son Kahunganunu was the founder of the Ngati Kahunganunu tribe,which extends from Gisborne to Cape Palliser.

  Tamatea aquired his long name through different happenings in his life.

   Tiripukakapikimaunga-tahu's name was given through his many raidsand wanderings and he was such a huge and muscular man that his name suited him.

   It appears that,while passing through the back of Porangahau,Tamatea encounyered the Ngati Hine tribe and had to fight them to get past. The battle is known as the Matanui battle and during that fight his brother was killed. Tamatea  was so grieved over the loss of his brother that he stayed for quite a long time at that place and each morning he would sit on the knoll and play his lament on what is called the koauau or Maori flute.  Hence the name Taumata-whaka-tangihanga-koauau-o-Tamatea-turi-pukaka-pikimaunga-pokai-whenua-kitana-tahu, which means the hilltopwhere Tamatea with big knees,conquerer of mountains, eater of lands,traveller over land and seas,played his Koauau to his beloved.

This lament is still sung at mant tangis.

 From thee top of the hill one can see the peak of the Te Awa Putahi, the spirtual mountain claimed by Ngati Kere and looking inland to the  west, the long flat peak of Raekatia, thge spiritual  mountain of the Ngati Parakiore hapu.




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