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Extracts taken from the Minute Books of the Association 1919 - 2004.It was thought that blank facts would convey a better picture than writing up a history.

  The Waipawa and Districts Returned Services Association Inc.

 The following are extracts taken from the Minute Books of the Association from 1919 - 2004.It was considered that the blank facts convey a far better picture than writing up a history. If the Minute Books are perused many,many extracts from Newspapers over the years will be of interest to anyone. The C.H.B. Museum also has plans of all cemeteries in the District,together with a list of all buried men and the location  of their graves The list also includes names on any Cenotaph or Gates. An alphabetical list of all executive members over the years is attached.

  1919                24th May  Temporary Committee  Appointed

                            28th May.  MOTION PASSED THAT THE ASSOCIATION BE DULY FORMED AS  -WAIPAWA  DISTRICT RETURNED SOLDIERS ASSOCIATION INC. Dr.Deck;chairman,Mills;secretary;G.Pedlar,treasurer.G.Collett;Vice-Chairman;Hogg;Hon.Auditor,Wedde;hon solicitor.Committee.G.Dryden,Fergusson,F. neilson,Whittington,Limbrick,Bruce,C.E.Coles,W.King.

                  28th June  - Dr.Boxer Pres.NZRSA & Mr.Bunn,Hastings addressed the meeting on the "Aims & Ambitions of the N.Z.R.S.A."

                                                Note that the "Quick March"was for sale. Now the "Review"

                 10th Sep.     - First Annual Ball held.

1920 -     1st  May       Subscription set at 3 Shillings & sixpence  over capitation to HQ. Funds 37 pounds,9 shillings & one penny.

                                                 Dr.Jessie C.Maddison elected as an honorary Member.

                 22nd May    Remit that Interest on Loans from the Taxi Drivers and Garage be suspended during the benzine shortage.

                 9th  Dec.     Letter to be sent to the Minister of Internal Affairs requesting approval for an erection of a War Memorial. Arrangements for "Poppy Day"  1st  Mention . Meeting for 4 padres for combinedANZAC DAY services.

               1922  -- 10th April    Bands to be asked to take part on "Anzac Day".Wreaths to be placed on Memorial at  School  & the Anglican & Catholic Church tablets.

                26th May  -  Mention in President report that work is now steadily taking place re the War Memorial.Wellington District RSA held at Palmerston North on 14th.Note "Appears that we were in that District at that time and that there was no "Dominion Conference" 'howard Estate" or Smedley.Minute requesting establishing Agricultural Experimental Station from the bequest.

                 5th  July  - Opening of War Memorial to take place on the  21st  July 1922 , by Viscount Jellicoe.   10th  July, - As General Russell was unable to attendPresident Cyril Harker to speak at opening. 21st July   War Memprial unveiling carried out by the Bishop of Waipu.

               1923  8th  June  - Request that words used by Bishop be used on the front of the Memorial.

               1924  24th March  - Diggers reunion. Long report in local paper of successful Reunion in Concert Hall.                                                             25th April  - Tablets on Memorial unveiled.

                1925    25th  April  - War Memorial at Tikokino opened.

                         -   15th  June  -Field Gun to hand thanks to Sir  George Hunter.

                 1927   25th April  -  War memorial at Otane unveiled by Sir Andrew Russell.

                 1937     1st.Feb.  - Committee called for a H.B. Picnic.

                                4th Mar.      -Joint Meeting of Waipawa,Waipukurau,Taradale,Napier &  Hastings to go ahead with a Picnic.

                 1938    28th February  - Hawkes BayPicnic started.Membership down to 75.

                              14th  March - Hawkes Bay Diggers Bowling Tournament started.Cup Donated by Nat Soloman of Napier.

Found in the back of Minute Book Number 22.Often quoted by Harry Limbrick. 

       The Gasometer.

  Yes, I was a Soldier Man said he

  As he gazed at his gaping friend

  From the time the Bloody War began

  Right up to the bloody end.


  By a hundred shells

  We was near blown high

 From a hundred bloody guns

  The day we captured the Gasometer

  The day we fought at Mons.

1942 - 13th  January.Name changed to


               1000 Poppies ordered.

1944 - 6th April.                15 War 11 returned men on furlough at meeting.Membership 193.

         - 7th  September .    Ball reinstated.

         - 5th August.             Idea of a separate hall raised.

         - 14th October.         60  pounds tfd to a hall  AC.

1945 - 14th May.              Gifts of 2 Building sites in Abbotsford Edward Bibby accepted.

                                          13th December.Searate Servicemen's Plot in Cemetery to be explored.

                                           Pukeora San mentioned .

                                          Hall fund increased by Queen Carnival by 2000 pounds plus.
          -15th  Aug.             V.J.Day.

          -13th December.    Mention of plan for sspecial section of the cemeteryfor deceased Returned Service personel.

1946  -24th February       Hawkes Bay Picnic held.

                                        Suggestion that hall be a community center.

         -3rd April.               Gift of two residential section bt Edward Bibby,Harold Dwight &  Ossie Simmonds were  successful ballotees

                                        in June.

         -10th September.  Meeting totdecide type of War Memorial for 1939-45 War.

         -3rd December.    Name changed to 'Waipawa District Returned Services Association (Inc.)

1947 -24th Feb.          RSA.,combined picnic.

         -1st May.           Social Committee formed.A.W. Avison, T.Gibbs and N.Macpherson.

         -10th June.       -Edward Bibby made a life member as thanks for his gift of sections.

1948                           Waipawa Branch of the H.B. Patriotic Welfare Assn. started.

          - 8th February. Picnic not gone ahead with. So last picnic held in 1948.

           - 9th May.        Membership 360.

            -12th April      Authority to purchase Hall  Section from Onga Lime Works.

1951    - 10th Jan.      Xmas party for children mentioned.

                                   Picnic cancelled.

                                   Town hall as start  of Anzac Day Service commenced.

              -11th July     Waipawa Branch of the HB Patriotic Welfare Assn. has been  in operation for 3 years.

              -8th August.  Smedley Stations Ball money a great benefit to hall.

              -10th Oct.     H.B.Picnic Funds transferred into  POSB. 

1952       -8th Oct.      160 pounds value of food parcels to be sent to Manchester & Leymouth.

               -1oth Dec.    Contract signed to build hall.

1953       -5th Aug.      Suggestion that the HB. Picnic Funds be transferred into the POSB.  ?????????

               -7th Oct.      Details of setup for a Womens Section..

               -2nd Dec.     Mr.H.F.Franks presented the Assn. with a Gavel & Stand.

1954       -7th April.     Hall committee appointed and Opened.

                                    Food for Britain Fund used for other purposes as need finished.

                 -5th May     Piano purchased from Mr.Colquhoun.

                 -26th May   Hall Trust  Deed drawn up by Mr.McKay re Hall Funds

                 -7th  July    Hall has been offially opened by Mr.Fred Logan.

                 -6th Oct.     Set of bowls given to Pukeora.

                                 Smedley Ball still going  & RSA. helped. When did it start? Funds evidently came to RSA.

1956        -13th May. Membership 157.

                 -4th July    Smedley Ball.

1957         -3rd            Membership 273

                 -30th May  Magazine went into recess.

                 -12th June. Piano bought from Mr.Willis.Old  be sold.     

1958         -2nd July.A.Knightresigned as secretary.

1959        - 4th.Feb.W.Longshaw new secretary.

                 -1st.July. Ball abandoned after many years.

1960         - 2nd July.Honours Board hung.

1961         - 1st.Nov. Mr.H.T.Limbrick presented framed photos of Digger Presidents.

1962         - 1st.Aug.Mr.H.T.Limbrick presented framed photos of Digger Secretaries.

1963         - 5th May. Coal distributed to widows.

1964         4th Mar.Referendum re Anzac Day for future

                              Change 89.  Against  68.

                              Morning obsreance and afetrnoon sport 68

                              To a Sunday  14.

                               To a Dawn service only.  7

                -26th Aug. Flag pole erected in Servicemen's Cemetery.

1965        - 1st Jan.M.Iggulden resigned as auditor.

                 3rd Nov.Cremation plot in cemetery proposed.

1966         -4th Mar.Fridge bought.

                 25th April. Merit award for Norm.Macpherson

                - 1st Dec. Christmas grants.

1967        14th April. First sporting fixture on Anzac Daywith proceeds to CHB  Crippled  Socy.

                  3rd Dec. Appointed Secy..

1970          -3rd Nov.Governor  General visit. RSA as Guard of Honour..

1971          -1st July. 100 Club established by Mr.Scott.

1972          -














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