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Are you interested in Oral History? Thanks to some great volunteer work we are starting to collect the histories of local CHB people.

The simplified aims of The CHB Oral History Project are:

To plan, promote and manage the establishment of a heritage and archival oral repository.

To encourage the collection and preservation of all historical material from the Central Hawke's Bay district.

To promote the historical significance of these areas.

To increase the store of local knowledge.

We would love to hear your story. If you are interested in being involved either as a participant or as a volunteer contact Jenny Senior: Phone 8578242 or the Waipawa Library: Phone 8578123.

To see what we have on the site head to the Contents by Type menu on the right hand side of this page or type in a search item up in the keyword search box.


This basket contains interviews with Central Hawke's Bay residents.

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