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I also lived at Abbotsford Home along with my twin and my youngest sister. Unfortunately my memories of Abbotsford aren't happy ones, yes we got to go places, met people
I was 9 years old when Mr Ready brought me to Abbotsford home, I didn't even know how to use a fork little alone a spoon, read or write and
Hi i'm trying to get a hold of the Hemmingsen Family Ani Ratima married Archiebald joseph Hemmingsen  and they had 5 children Ratima,Robert,Lindren, there were twins,and francis now Ratima married
There were two more brothers in this family, Hans and Jens Peter.  I am descended from Hans Hemmingsen and I have photo's of the entire family taken in the early
  Hello there I have found a document that is a shipping record of Hemming Jenson 45, Ane Christine 45, Ana Sophia 18,Christian 13 and Lars 9. On the Ship