Wakarara School

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Wakarara School.



School group with teacher Mr Ernest Henry Ingpen and his wife, Emily. 1902 - 1907.


Teacher; Miss Kathleen Foote, back row, Harold Worsnop, Amy Foulds, George Foulds, Mary Martin, George Peers, Louie Turfrey, Norman Berkahn, Eva Jensen, Edgar Worsnop, Emily Turfrey.  Front row; Ernie Turfrey, Willie Rumbal, May Barlow, Dan Rumbal, Queenie Berkahn, Myrtle Rumbal, Len Rumbal, Vera Rumbal, Jock Carson, Frank Turfrey.  Sitting; Gordan and Charlie Doreen, Leslie Rumbal, Maud Berkahn, not syre of next two boys (could be Worsnops), Henry Barlow. - 1908.

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