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Retrieved from papers received in 1998 from Monie Hansen of Feilding. Photos and papers archived in Makaretu Cemetery Box 9 at CHBDC.

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Left Copenhagen for London and sailed on the "Invererne" 31/11/1873 and arrived in Napier 8/3/1874 - 106 days out. Two days later Nicoline gave birth to a son Henry John who died of Tetanus and is buried in the old Napier Cemetery.

Three girls later they went to Makaretu. The ownership papers have the date 13/11/1881, they lived in a tent which Nicoline sewed by hand while in Napier, later a house was built. The farm block was No 58.

Later - I don't know when - they were still small children Anne, Johannah and Mary caught Diphtheria, Anne and Mary died. Carl rode to Takapau with Johannah where the Doctor burnt her throat with a caustic pencil. Anne and Mary are buried in the old part of Makaretu Cemetery. A second Mary was born a year or so later, then a Thomas who died one year old and was buried on the farm. Once there was a fence around the grave, that is long since gone, a year later another son called Thomas - my Father came. The only papers pertaining to the births and deaths of these three children would have been in the Church at Makaretu, which was burnt down.

About the time Thomas No 2 was 14 years old Nicoline and Carl sold the Makaretu farm and bought one in Norsewood 3'<l Line at the bottom of the hill right hand side going down. Nicoline and Carl are buried in the Norsewood Cemetery.


Monie Hansen (granddaughter of above) 166 Denbigh Street



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First Names:Nicoline
Last Name:Hansen
Name:Carl Christian
Family name:Hansen
Children:Henry John; Anne; Johannah; Mary