Flemington 1845 1986

This little booklet tells the history of Flemington. Co-Editors: J. Barrett, T. Gilbertson, W.I. Matthews

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"The past  is often regarded as another country, having little in common with our present lives. However, it seems appropriate at this time to reflect upon the events that led up to our district jubilee and attempt to record them in permanent form.

This booklet aims to provide a general survey of the history of the school and district from its early beginnings. It is neither wholly comprehensive, nor entirely definitive. It is the product of enthusiastic amateaurs and no doubt reflects this, but we hope you will find something herin to instruct, edify or amuse. It was put together with the help of many people, and the committee would like to thank all those involved for their invaluable assistance and unstinting efforts. Aspecially: Mr Robin Black of the Hawke's Bay Catchment Board; Mrs P. Ropiha, Waikopiro; Mr A. Nicholls, Mrs E. Barrett, Mr H.A. Robinson, Mr J.K. Hamilton, Mr E. Bray, Mr J. Fleming, Mr Ray Ennor and Mr Alan Drake."

To take a look at the history of Flemington, download the pdf of this fascinating little booklet.

If you are interested in viewing the original, please contact CHB Libraries

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