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History and information about the township of Otane

Kaikora changed its name to Otane as a result of postal confusion with Kaikoura. It was yet another township that was planned, laid out and offered for sale with great enthusiasm, but which did not grow at the same rate as its neighbours.

From an early report it had a school about which William Colenso gave a terrible report :

From the main road the schoolhouse looks remarkably well with its bell and porch. The mail coach passes close to it twice a day. It is therefore a conspicuous object in the nice little village which it adorns. Inside it is one of the worst schoolrooms in the province owing to its having been built for use as a Presbyterian church, in part of which narrow pews have been fixed... dirty copies, torn books, broken bits of slate and soft stones from the neighbouring brook are used as slate pencils.

Shortly afterwards the schoolmaster resigned.  

The Otane site is part of the Tiffen Homewood Station.

The township originally consisted of 176 sections ranging from 1/4 acre to 1 acre, with areas set aside form churches, a school, a post office, a courthouse, a parsonage and a future railway station.

The streets Rochfort, Carruthers, Ross, Bell, Higgins, Knorp, Brogden and Henderson were named after the surveyors and railway contractors.

Taken from:

A Picture Book of Old Hawke's Bay
By Kay Mooney and Margaret Henderson
Benton-Ross Ltd, 1984

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Otane - history