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A short history of some of the landholders in early Flemington

The Lake Station:

A Mr Richard Collins from the Wairarapa bought 20,000 acres in 1855. He farmed in partnership with J B Redward. A Mr Mackersey from Australia purchased 14,260 acres from Collins in 1871. The Mackersey family farmed Lake Station until 1904.

Tourere Station:

In the 1850's John Knight of Kaikora was granted grazing rights for a stretch of land that was bounded by Arlington, Lake Station and the Ngahape Stream. He then sold to Mr Rathbone of Waipawa who arranged for a lot of the bush to be cleared on the property. In 1915 a Mr Mason Chambers of Havelock North purchased the station and had as his manager Samuel Robinson who proved to be an extremely effective farming manager. The farm was sold in 1919 to Walter Edgecombe.


David Staig Fleming took on a strip of land in 1863 that bordered the south side of The Arlington Lake Station property. The first house on the property was very near the current site of Flemington School. In 1868 he and J D Ormond leased and subsequently purchased 4849 acres of the Eparaima Reserve. From here the station grew in both size and prosperity and by 1901 was the centre of a quite large settlement.

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