George Waerea's Shearing Gang

Filename: Dads_Shearing_gang_Vid_FLV.flv ( download )

Size: 124 MB

Recording type: video/x-flv

Waerea & Waerea pp shearing contractors,shown at Anaroa Rd,Raukawa.

!950's Shearers: Hare Waerea-Robert Waerea-Nepia Waerea-Kate Waerea.

Farmer Mick Fredsberg.Tally Book George Waerea.

Contract to shear for Peter Collins-Woody Collins-Mrs Todd-Roy Kingston-Gunsons-Harvey Eddy-Moorheads-Freddy French-Birds-Mangakuri Station-Dunfords.Briscoes & Torrs..

The video is  around the CHB area..

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